Municipal Scan

Municipal Scan

The Municipal Scan allows you to access the latest housing market numbers in your municipality at all times. The straightforward application grants insight at the municipal and community level. Soon, a pilot of this application will launch in collaboration with NVM’s real estate agents.

The benefits of the Municipal Scan

  • Always access to the latest housing market numbers
  • The only source for the asking price and processing time
  • Easy comparison with the past
  • Ready-to-use housing market analyses
  • The aggregated data can be exported in .xls format for private analyses
  • Interpretation and advice from a regional NVM expert

Straightforward online application

Within the basic webtool, you will find information about sales and registrations, transaction and asking prices, sales periods and living spaces within the municipality. You may filter these data by neighbourhood, period and type of property. Or you may opt for the extra module, comparing trends to five other municipalities. The output is perfectly easy to download or access in a clear charts and tables.

Updated housing market database

As NVM’s subsidiary, Brainbay has been using the most complete housing market data in the Netherlands. The NVM database which is being managed by Brainbay, is the most complete but also the most current housing market database available in the Netherlands.

Including personal advice from a local NVM real estate agent

Soon, a pilot will launch in which we join hands with regional NVM experts. In addition to the Municipal Scan, the regional NVM expert will be able to provide more information on trends and offer advice on issues involving the local housing market.

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